Bosmansdam Primary was the first school established in Bothasig.  The school opened its doors on 19 January 1966.  Just a year earlier, when the first residents had moved into Bothasig, the new town was described as follows:

“Acres of sandy wasteland, one tree, two barely identifiable roads (Tafelberg and Nassau), thirty houses, no access road, no garden fences, no public transport, no parks, no shops, no churches, no Civic Centre, no sports fields.  Not even the most tightly sealed door or window could keep out the sand that blew insidiously into every corner of one’s house.” (Tyger Burger 1986-10-08).


1973 view from Kasteel strat

steenoven street intersection with de grendel

vryburger avenue in 70s

first stafffirst learnersteaching collage49 pupils were enrolled for different grades and ready for the historic day.  They arrived on the first school day to find that there were no desks or tables and chairs and not enough teachers.  16 of these pupils were in a combined Sub A & B (Grade 1 & 2) class.  The principal appointed to see the school through its pioneering days was Mr Jan Botes.  The teaching staff were Ms Alice Heyneman and Ms Helene Venter.




By January 1967 the staff of Bosmansdam Primary School had grown to eleven (Mr Botes, the principal, included).  The community of Bothasig grew and thrived and by 1974 the staff increased to forty-three!

school hall colage

Today, a far cry from the small community in a sandy waste just off the national road, the school has an enrolment of about 800 learners.  The present staff comprises of thirty-two educators. The school also has three administrative staff members and a team of seven maintenance staff. A vast difference compared to the school’s humble beginnings in 1966!

Mr Botes was principal of the school until June 1982 and was succeeded by Mr Pretorius in July 1982.  Mr Pretorius was in turn succeeded as principal by Mr Eldred Käsner in January 1991. He took early retirement at the end of 1996.   Mr Ben van den Berg took over from January 1997 until January 2009. The current principal is Mr Charles Fontini.

At Bosmandam Primary school endeavours to offer quality education for learners from Grade R to Grade 7. At Bosmansdam Primary School both English and Afrikaans speaking learners receive tuition in their mother tongue.  The school has always endeavoured to maintain a balance between the two languages wherever possible.

As a multi-cultural school learners are taught to respect the beliefs, lifestyles and cultures of others. The school aims to develop the potential and character of every learner through its academic, cultural, sporting and social programmes. The school also seeks to provide each learner with vital and effective education of the highest possible standard, which takes into account his / her ability, aptitude, interests and background, in order to equip him / her for life in our constantly changing society.